This weekend being Memorial Day and the unofficial start to summer, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to remind all of the moms out there that you are not alone in the CRAZY that will ensue over the next few months! Unless you are Caillou’s mom (who we all know must be heavily medicated to deal with that whining kid), you WILL lose your sh*t with your kids and possibly your spouse on several occasions this summer. Sure there’s no more homework, no schedule, and activities are less intense, BUT there is only so much you can do to keep everyone entertained and fed for 3 months straight!


  • When you realize mid July that you haven’t emptied your kid’s backpack from the last day of school…you are not alone!
  • When you forget to feed them breakfast and then let them buy an ice pop at the pool before lunch…you are not alone!
  • When you forget to slather them in sunblock because it took all of your energy to pack their crap for the beach…you are not alone!
  • When you forget to move the laundry to the drier and you now have to re-wash it for the 5th time…you are not alone!

Now that we’re on the same page and you have accepted the fact that at some point this summer you will feel like you are the ring master of a circus you never bought tickets for, let’s have some fun with it and celebrate these guilt inducing moments. Mama’s, let’s toast to the days you feel like you are doing it all wrong and that your actions will in some part leave your kids scarred for life.

If it’s not going to be easy…it may as well be fun! This is exactly why I created Mom Guilt Bingo, Summer Edition for your enjoyment! Yell at your kids before 9:00 am…no worries! Take out your Mom Guilt Bingo game-board, cross off your square and know that you are one step closer to being as crazy as the rest of us! Round up (or tag lol) your favorite mommy friends, print out your copies of Mom Guilt Bingo, and get ready to rock this mommy gig like nobody’s business!

Here’s to endless towels to be washed and bathing suits filled with sand in places you didn’t even know existed!

Click here to download Mom Guilt Bingo!