My kids are out of their minds excited to go out ghosting tomorrow night, being that it is Friday the 13th. They also love catching the friends who knock on our door and leave treats for them and proudly display their notes all over the front door. 🎃

This year I started thinking, “Why can’t the mom’s join in on the fun?” OH…and by join in I don’t mean pack the treats, print the notes, and drive our unruly kids around the neighborhood in the dark. When I think JOIN in I am thinking it’s about time we mama’s start getting treats delivered for our own enjoyment!

This is exactly why I created this free printable! The concept is exactly the same as the kids, EXCEPT you get to booze your mama friends with their favorite beverage! I for one can’t wait to print these babies out and get the ball rolling in my town!

Click here for your FREE DOWNLOAD: Hey, Mama! You’ve Been Boozed!