As a busy mom, I am already starting to think, “How on earth I can get it all done before the holiday rush kicks in?” The kids are starting their lists and I am looking up FREE SHIPPING codes!

There are always areas where I feel like I fall short when the holidays are over, but last year there was one area where I knew I nailed it! That was my decision to give back to the delivery men and women who bring packages to my front door over and over and over again from Black Friday right up to Christmas Eve. I wanted to let them know that in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, this overwhelmed mom appreciated the time I was able to save by ordering gifts online and having them delivered right to my door.

I pulled out a cooler and filled it with water, soda, candy, and snacks and attached a sign so they would know to take a treat. What I got in return was priceless…smiles as I watched from my window as they read the note, picked out snacks, and took them back to their trucks. Sometimes they would even leave me thank you notes (which my kids loved)! I put my kids in charge of restocking the cooler each night and it was the first thing they checked when they got home from school each day!

Please remember all of the businesses and people who help make your life even the slightest bit easier this holiday season. You can click this link to download my FREE PRINTABLE THANK YOU SIGN and set up your own cooler of thanks!


Happy Holidays!

xo, Robyn