As the school year was coming to a close, I couldn’t wait for summer so that I could relax with the kids and enjoy some downtime. Each day that we got closer to the last day of school felt like we were one step closer to freedom for our family. I was excited for no homework, no sports, no dancing, and NO SCHEDULE! Despite my intentions there were some obstacles lurking that I must have buried in my subconscious…I had volunteered to teach 2 weeks of summer CCD for my kid’s classes which meant that the first Monday that school got out all 3 of us were in the car by 8:45 and I had to be “ON” not only for my kids but for the kids who signed up to be in my class each day for 3 hours. My son made the summer travel baseball team which meant we were doing 3 hours of CCD, squeezing in the pool, heading home to get showered, and out again for baseball games. Oh, and I can’t forget the physical therapy that got thrown in the mix for a torn ligament in my shoulder. The start to summer was more overwhelming than when the kids were in school and all this running around left me with zero time to work my home business or exercise which both fuel my soul in more ways than you can imagine. I love being a motivator and helping people live their happiest and healthiest life, but there was no way to do any of this with the demands we had put on our family.

This could be me!

This week in a moment of complete chaos I rushed my kids off to summer camp, showed up late to a planning meeting for a school committee I volunteered for only to realize I had double booked myself and was going to have to rush out of the meeting in fifteen minutes to get to a physical therapy appointment that I had completely forgotten about. Then as I drove to my therapy came the mommy guilt over leaving my kids at camp (completely unfounded because they love camp), but you know how mommy guilt works…makes no sense! In any event I later picked them up from camp and we spent a few hours at our town pool….phew!

After returning home from the pool and rushing dinner so I could finally get to a Jazzercise class I spotted a cardinal in the yard. Then I looked closer and saw 2 more, then a 4th. Two males and 2 females that were stunning and fluttering around our yard. With all 4 of my grandparents passed away I always think of them when I see a cardinal. Cardinals show up all the time but only in moments of complete chaos and uncertainty have 4 come at once. Well, my grandparents for sure knew I needed the reassurance that I was doing my best and that everything would be ok.  I watched the 4 cardinals in the yard until they flew away and went to my Jazzercise class with a renewed feeling that everything was going to be ok and a reminder that it was time for me to get back to taking care of myself. After all…if I am not taking care of myself how on earth can I take care of 2 kids and a husband?


Each day is a new day and I am back at it…positive mindset, making time for things that make my heart happy, running the kids around town, and knowing that my best IS enough. When you get to the breaking point in any situation it is important to remember that YOU have the power to STOP, REGROUP, and COME BACK STRONGER than you were before!



PS- As I was writing this post…a female cardinal perched itself on the fence in my yard…life is good!